Looks like Todd Sharp beat me to the punch on Twitter (that's ok, I'm just going to bring the misery hammer into effect on him!) but for folks who aren't on I thought I'd share some exciting news. Adobe will be releasing ColdFusion Builder 2 soon, and one of the new features is an "Express" edition. After your 60 day trial ends (which you have to admit is a good long trial!), CFBuilder2 will revert to an Express Edition. Under this mode the following features will be disabled:

  • code assist for extensions (powerful feature, but no one is using it yet afaik)
  • code insight (this is NOT syntax helping)
  • extension callbacks (a good extension will note this during startup and try to handle it)
  • RDSNo registration of remote servers
  • quick fix
  • debugging... but just of remote projects (so you can still use the debugger locally which makes more sense imo)
  • refactoring
  • ColdFusion search...but you can still use the built in search and some folks prefer that anyway
  • code formatting (never used it)
  • FTP support (ditto)
  • log viewer - you can add this from other sources, or even just simply run tail from the command line
  • local file support (ditto)
  • code hyperlinks (no idea what this is)
  • hover help

So - a few things are painful here, but for a free edition, I think it's pretty darn awesome. Thank you Adobe!