Here is a question from someone who has some of the same problems I've had:

I'm playing around with CF-admin custom extensions, and flash forms. My problem is that whatever I would normally do with javascript, I now have to code in in actionScript (or am I just wrong about that?), which I know [nothing] about. I find it hard to find resources on the net that give CF examples (as opposed to all-flash ones). Can you think about any cool links?

Just simple things like opening a popup, refreshing a page without a submit button, populating a hidden field, and so on do my head in, because I know nothing of actionScript's DOM.

Well one thing to remember is that even though you are using Flash Forms within ColdFusion, this is truly not a CF issue. What you really want is the same old docs that any Flash/Flexer would use. I'd start here: Flex 1.5 Livedocs. Specifically the Flex ActionScript Language Reference. Remember that Flash Forms employ Flex under the hood. Obviously you won't have the full power, but the docs should still be helpful. I've used them before.

As for examples, I've posted a few things here on this blog, Mike Nimer has, and of course, the best place to go to Flash Form uber-vodoo-jedi examples: asFusion.