CFTHREAD, Names, and Commas

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Just a quick note to warn folks. When using cfthread with a dynamic name, don't forget that commas are not allowed. Outside of that, you can use any name you want to for the thread, as long as it is non-empty. Here is a quick example:

<cfthread name="-^p^-"> thread </cfthread>

<cfdump var="#cfthread#">

While that's a stupid name for a thread, it works just fine. Changing it to:

<cfthread name="-^p^-,cow bell"> thread </cfthread>

<cfdump var="#cfthread#">

Gives you: Attribute validation error in the cfthread tag. The thread name -^P^-,COW BELL is invalid. Thread names cannot be empty and should not contain a comma.

In my case, the bug involved cfthread code being used in BlogCFC to handle pings. The blog title was used in naming the thread call and in this one example it had included a comma. (Kinda surprised this didn't come up before.)

So why does this restriction exist? When you use the JOIN action of cfthread, you are asked to provide a list of thread names. Because this list must always use a comma-delimited list of names, you can't, and shouldn't be able to, create a thread name that also includes a comma. I guess Adobe could add a DELIMITER attribute to the tag but that seems like overkill if you ask me.

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Comment 1 by Ben Nadel posted on 5/18/2009 at 6:31 PM

Perhaps the thread name needed even *more* cow bell?