Finding the owner of a file with ColdFusion

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A reader asked me last night if it was possible to find the owner of a file using ColdFusion. You may think getFileInfo would return this but it does not. Luckily it is relatively simple to get to it from Java.

The first result I found via Google sent me to a Stack Overflow answer that worked fine once I converted it to work within ColdFusion:

pathOb = createObject("java", "java.nio.file.Paths");
//Hard coded path here, but obviously this would be dynamic
path = pathOb.get("/Applications/ColdFusion11/cfusion/wwwroot/test.cfm",[]);
files = createObject("java", "java.nio.file.Files");
fav = createObject("java","java.nio.file.attribute.FileOwnerAttributeView");
oav = files.getFileAttributeView(path, fav.getClass(), []);
owner = oav.getOwner();

You could easily wrap this up into a UDF so it is easier to call. Ok, Ray, don't be lazy. Here is a UDF version with an example call:

function getFileOwner(p) {
	var pathOb = createObject("java", "java.nio.file.Paths");
	var path = pathOb.get(p,[]);
	var files = createObject("java", "java.nio.file.Files");
	var fav = createObject("java","java.nio.file.attribute.FileOwnerAttributeView");
	var oav = files.getFileAttributeView(path, fav.getClass(), []);
	return oav.getOwner();


And because I was bored, I rewrote the UDF as one line that would be a pain in the rear to debug.

function getFileOwner(p) {
	return createObject("java", "java.nio.file.Files").getFileAttributeView(createObject("java", "java.nio.file.Paths").get(p,[]), createObject("java","java.nio.file.attribute.FileOwnerAttributeView").getClass(), []).getOwner();
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