Soundings ColdFusion Survey Application Updated

Version 1.5.2 was released today. Changes are listed below:

  • There was a pretty bad bug that cropped up if you deleted a question and didn't "fix" the ranks by making sure they were no missing numbers. This should be corrected now.
  • John Paul Ashenfelter provided some CSS fixes that helps remove some of my ugly HTML (pardon me, I'm an old schooler ;) and makes things a bit cleaner. I think it still has work to do, but it's better. Thanks John!
  • The title of the survey now displays on each page. This was an obvious and dumb thing for me to forget. Thanks go to a user who pointed it out. (I forget who.)
  • Matrix questions weren't correctly showing the right selected cells if you went backwards in the survey. Thanks go to a user who pointed it out. (I forget who.)

As always, you can download Soundings from the project page. This time I will mention my wishlist, but only because I made a decision on XM over Sirius (that should spawn a few hundred comments). Just in case someone is feeling extra generous. ;)

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