Welcome to Blog 2.0. Lots and lots of changes, so let's get to it.

Ability to support multiple blogs. This is done via a simple ini script. Ben Forta added this to his version of the blog and I've rolled it into mine. A future version will also allow for defining the blog via a struct passed to init().

assignCategories() added. Allows for adidng N categories at once.

removeCategories() added. Guess what this does.

New admin! Many people asked about my blog editor. I didn't normally include it because my blog editor was included as part of my general web site editor. I didn't like not including the editor, and I didn't like my editor as well, so I rebuilt the editor and it's now part of the blog client. You can now add/edit your blog straight from the blog itself. This is my favorite new feature.

DB schema upgraded a bit, again thanks to Forta.

Note: You may notice a few extra UDFs in udf.cfm. These are functions I'm adding to make it easier to edit the Current Media portion of my blog. I ran into some bugs with that, so I decided to just wait on it.

Enjoy. I'm very, very happy with this new version and I hope you like it as well.