From time to time I'll get alerted about blog entries aggregated on CFBloggers that is either not-ColdFusion related or perhaps inappropriate. I don't have a firm set of guidelines on how I handle situations like that. I thought I'd write down a few notes/ideas about how I think things should be handled. While at the end of the day the site is mine to run as I see fit, I want a resource that is useful and valuable for the community.

  1. Blogs aggregated on the site should be - primarily - ColdFusion related.
  2. It is not the expectation that every entry on a blog will concern ColdFusion.
  3. If ColdFusion is more of a minor topic for your blog, then a category-specific RSS feed should be used instead of the site's main RSS.
  4. Blogs change. When I first started this blog I'd be willing to bet 99% of my entries were ColdFusion related. Now I blog quite a bit about AJAX, Flex, and AIR. I think non-CF technical type entries are great for CFBloggers. One - they typically involve CF anyway (for example, almost all of my jQuery posts will use CF at some point), and second, it helps bring new topics and ideas to our community.

When I get pinged about content that is not CF related, I tend to tell folks some variation of item 4 above. Obviously I do double check the site to ensure it hasn't completely changed (I've seen a few blogs go away and turn into spam sites), but for the most part, if I still see relevant ColdFusion content on a site I'm not going to remove it from CFBloggers.

I will - from time to time though - remove a blog when I think it makes sense. This is not censorship. Your blog not being aggregated by CFBloggers does not mean folks will be unable to read it. I'm also not infallible. If you think I made a mistake, speak up and let me know.

Signed, the apparent speech police for ColdFusion.