ORM Entity not available? Check your logs

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This afternoon I was working on a set of persistent entities called event, eventtype, eventstatus, and eventpriority. Event is the "core" entity with hooks to status, type, and priority. When everything was done I whipped up a quick test:

<cfset o = entityLoadByPk("event", 597878)>

I assumed this would work - or throw an error about one of the properties perhaps. What I did not expect was this:

Mapping for component event not found.

That made no sense. I took a quick look at the Hibernate APIs to see if there was a simple way to list all known entities. I discovered getAllClassMetadata, a method of the SessionFactory, and quickly tried the following code:

<cfset factory = ormGetSessionFactory()> <cfset known = listSort(structKeyList(factory.getAllClassMetadata()),"textnocase")> <cfoutput>#known#</cfoutput>

This returned a nice list of entities - which unfortunately did not include event. At this point I was completely stumped. I had - of course, ran an ormReload() on my application. I even ran an applicationStop(). None of them threw an error, but none of them made event become recognized. Then I decided to check my ColdFusion logs. I found this gem in application.log:

"Skipping file c:\yada\yada\yada\event.cfc as it has errors"

What the frack?!?! So the component had an error - and the ORM system noticed this and just didn't tell me? How incredibly frustrating and counterintuitive! I checked exception.log and luckily, it had a longer error. My stack trace said:

"Properties cannot be declared more than once."

I quickly went back to event.cfc and saw the error right away - two properties with the same name. -sigh- Fixing that immediately corrected my problem.

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