I'm a bit late to blog on this, almost three months late, but folks may want to check out Ryan Anklam's ColdFusion Koans. What are ColdFusion Koans? (Stealing this from his site...)

The ColdFusion Koans project is intended to teach ColdFusion syntax, techniques, structure, and tips and tricks through unit tests. Even if you are a seasoned ColdFusion developer the Koans can be a fun exercise to keep your skills sharpened. The Koans concept is nothing new, in fact, the Ruby Koans project is quite mature. Recently other languages, such as JavaScript, have also implement the technique.

Having recently taken a look at the Ruby Koans, I can attest to it being an extremely interesting way to learn a language.

I also encourage folks to take a look at this blog post from Grant Copley: (EDIT: Shoot, looks like his blog is down. Well, give it time and hopefully it will come back up.) How I Almost Ditched ColdFusion After 12 Years, Why I Wised Up, and What I'm Doing About It. It's a fascinating blog entry about a long-time CF developer who got frustrated, gave up on CF, and then came back.