Looking for (mainly) non-American testers for RIAForge

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A few months back Mark Mandel wrote me about an odd issue he was having with RIAForge. Every time he tried to visit the site he got an empty page. Not a ColdFusion error, but an empty page. I wasn't aware of any possible thing it could be, so I wasn't able to do anything. A few weeks back I got another email from a user who was in a similar situation. This user was also outside America (although in Switzerland, a bit far away from Australia) so I began to think it may be some kind of network security system at the host level. I checked with the host - but they said nothing like that was in place.

To make things even more interesting - it isn't just a RIAForge issue. Any CFM file on the box (CFInsider is there as well as the ColdFusion Portal) is blocked for Mark. Yet a non-CFM file loads!

So the question is - why would CFM files be blocked for a very small minority of users? Any clues? I'm tempted to go ahead and update to ColdFusion 9 today just to see what happens.

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