The title says it all. You can now get Spry 1.3 from the Adobe Labs site. I'll blog a bit more about it later in the day when I get a chance to play with it. One main change seems to be the effects library. Check the demo here.

Here is the changelog from the zip:

  • Introduced Spry Effects, the 3rd portion of the Spry Framework.
  • Removed documentation from the zip. All docs will be available online on Labs site as HTML and PDF.
  • Changes to SpryData.js:
    • Fix the loop in Spry.Utils.createXMLHttpRequest() so that it doesn't skip the next progID in the array after removing a non-existent one.
    • Make sure all initialization of the Spry.Utils.loadURL.Request headers property uses an object so that it works properly when used with Prototype 1.5 rc0.
    • Fix Spry.Utils.Notifier.prototype.notifyObservers() so that it uses a normal for loop instead of a "for in" loop.
    • Added support for {ds_UnfilteredRowCount}.
  • Updates to SpryAccordion.js
    • Added panel opening function: openNextPanel(), openPreviousPanel(), openFirstPanel, and openLastPanel()
    • Added current panel accessor: getCurrentPanel() - return the panel, getCurrentPanelIndex() - returns the index of the current panel in the getPanels() array.
    • Added addNewPanel(tab, content) function to dynamically add new panels in Javascript. Panels get added after the current panel.
  • Gallery Demo updated to use new SpryEffects.js.