So over on cf-talk there is a thread going on about working with the UPS API. It is something I've wanted to try myself for a while now. But get this. To actually use the API you have to:

  1. Register. (No big deal there.)

  2. Open a UPS account (um, didn't I just do that?). In this step you have to tell them how many packages you ship (um, none) and also provide a credit card. Will I be charged? Gee I hope not. This gives you a UPS Account number.

  3. Think you are ready? Hah! The UPS Account number isn't what you really need. What you need is the Developer's Key. I requested that my key be sent to me.

  4. But wait, theres more! Did you think a UPS account number and a Developer's Key was all you needed? Silly rabbit. You also need an XML Key!

Seriously, Brown, does this seem right to you? I mean - all these tools help folks buy stuff from you. Did I really need 3 separate numbers and my credit card just to use your web services? I understand making me register. It is a useful way to ensure folks don't abuse your web services. But come on!