Coping with LWS (Lost Withdrawel Syndrome)

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So I won't be making my weekly Lost review post tonight since, well, there isn't a new episode of Lost. Being the addicted person I am though I thought I'd at least share a few Lost-related URLs since, well, I can't stop thinking about it even though it isn't on tonight.

First - a spoiler link - don't follow the link unless you want to know about a character leaving the show. Personally I was a bit sad to see this character go.

Secondly - there are a few Lost sites out there, but my favorite is Sledgeweb's Lost. I mainly like it for the Investigations page, which has a nice listing of the "cool" bits of each show, and stuff you may have missed. For example, I had not seen the logo on Henry Gale's balloon.

You can also buy the soundtrack now, which may sound silly, but I listened to it today and it was actually pretty good.
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