I was working with a user of Soundings today and ran into a bug. It was a combination user error and my code not checking something. When you add questions to a survey, you give each question a rank, which is really just the number/order it displays in the survey. My code does not validate that the rank is unique. If you have two (or more) questions with the same rank, problems will occur, and they will be hard to debug. In fact, there is a chance no bug will occur. That is why this is such a bad bug.

So normally I'd post the fix, but as I'm swamped, it may be a day or two before I get this done, and I wanted folks to know asap. When I post the fix, I'll try to get matrix questions included since I know that is something people have been asking for. I'm also going to tweak the display of multiple choice questions a bit as well.