ColdFusion 8 Launches!

While I was blissfully asleep under the power of a Melatonin pill, Adobe decided to go ahead and release ColdFusion 8. I think folks know already how strongly I feel about this release. I can honestly say this is the most exciting release I've seen in my entire history with the product. Here are a few links that may be of interest.

Features - This is a good one page sheet that lists a lot of the new features of CF8. Probably a great way to get a non-technical manager up to speed.

ColdFusion Developer Center - New articles on ColdFusion 8. There is a cool little Flex widget on here showing blogs that mention ColdFusion 8.

Lastly - not really ColdFusion related, some scary dude was added to the site. I'm not quite sure how that got up there. I'm thinking a hack was involved.

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