As I've mentioned almost every year, November is "National Adoption Month." My wife and I have grown our family via adoption. It is an incredibly wonderful experience and one I'd recommend to anyone. It isn't easy, but, nothing about being a parent is, right? If you've ever considered adoption then this would be a great time to look deeper into the process. You can start at or check with your adoption agency. There are multiple different ways to adopt, or foster, and plenty of opportunities to help a child in need. My wife and I chose international adoption (South Korea and China), but you can adopt domestically as well of course. (And yes, people adopt American kids from outside the USA.)

You can probably guess what I'm going to say next. A few weeks ago I mentioned I'd be too busy to post for a while and then I dropped a few obvious hints. Yes - we adopted again. We flew to Guangzhou, China on October 17th. On the 20th we met our two new daughters. Yes, two. Because we're crazy. Just a bit. We have one new three year old and a twelve year old. Adopting an older child has its own special issues but it is something I've felt we needed to do since we began adopting.

We landed back in America yesterday morning and while we have a lot of work ahead of us, I don't think our family could be any better.

I apologize again for having to drop out of the ColdFusion conference and PhoneGap Day, but I think I had a pretty good excuse. ;)