I've been using Text Link Ads on my site for a while now. I don't know if my readers notice them, but they are the small, text based (imagine that) ads to the right of the browser. About a week ago I got an invite to join ReviewMe. The concept is simple:

  • You write a review.
  • They pay you.
  • Your review must state that you were paid for the review.
  • And yes - you can write negative reviews.

As someone who considers himself a semi-professional blogger, I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. On the one hand - the service goes out of its way to ensure that you tell your readers that you are getting paid to review. (And to be clear - I'm trying out this service myself and I am getting paid.) They also make it clear you can write negative reviews. So I don't get a "scummy" feel from them.

At the same time though - I like to review products that matter to me and my readers. I don't need to get paid to do them. I get paid typically by folks clicking on related ads or visiting my wishlist. So this feels like it may be on the edge of ... I don't know. Something.

I can say if they were to hook me up with the actual software I was reviewing (which could actually be worth a lot more than the normal payout) I'd feel better about it. Ditto for reviews on KidGamers. (Oh, and yes, Nintendo, I'd be happy to review the Wii.)

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One thing for sure - the old "Slap a Google Ad Up" model is slowly getting replaced by more interesting ad types. Is that good or bad?