This morning I released version 1.4 of the Galleon ColdFusion Forums. Changes are listed below.

  • No need for a ColdFusion mapping.
  • Table Prefixes: All this means is that you can specify a prefix for the tables in your database. This means that if you are at an ISP with limited DSNs, it is easier to get Galleon into an existing database and not have it conflict with existing tables.
  • Sticky Threads: These are threads that stay on top of the forum display. This is useful for announcements, rules, etc.
  • User Ranks: Allows you to assign a rank (or title) to a user based on the number of posts they have created. This is useful to help newbies recognize forum members who may be more experienced.
  • Admin cleaned up a tiny bit. I added some basic stats to the admin home page as well.

You may download the code here. As always, Galleon forums are free for anyone to use for whatever purpose. All I ask is that you a) link back to me (not required) and b) consider visiting my wishlist if you find that using Galleon saves you millions of dollars.

Last but not least - for existing Galleon users out there, what feature should I work on next?