Kameo was one of the 360 games I had no intentions of getting. It looked like a "kiddie" game and just didn't seem appealing. A friend suggested I give it a try though, so I downloaded the demo. (The ability to download demos is one of the XBOX 360's strongest selling points. It really gives you an idea of how a game will appeal to you without needing to shell out the money for a rental.) I was pleasantly surprised by the demo and added the full game to my wish list. When it came in, I started to play it, and my six year old simply loved it. It was a bit too hard for him to play (although he is going to give it a shot today), but he absolutely loved the game, and to be honest, I found myself enjoying it quite a bit as well.

I couldn't figure out why it appealed to me so much - and then I figured it out. In a lot of ways, the game is like Zelda. It is fantasy without taking itself too seriously. It is "cute" without being too cute. It really strikes a good balance that I think would appeal to both young and old gamers alike.

The basic premise of the game is that you character, an elf named Kameo, can turn into various Elemental beings. (My son can name them all as well as their core element.) Using the right Element at the right time is the main point of the game, as certain challenges will require you to use one Element and then quickly switch to another. Many times you will find yourself in a situation were you just start trying different things to figure out which Element, and which power, is needed to progress further.

The graphics are so-so. By that I don't mean they are bad at all, but they pale in comparison to games like Oblivion or Fight Night. I'd call it XBOX 1.5 level, not XBOX 360. But the animation style was perfect for the game - very bright and colorful and just a bit cartoony. The music was very nice. It had a very dramatic feel to it. (My son liked it so much I may need to get the soundtrack for him.)

In summary - this is a game I think many "serious" gamers may pass up, but it would be worth your time to at least grab the demo and give it a shot. I'd definitely recommend it for some good, lighthearted fun.

As a quick side note, I did encounter one bug in the game where I was "pushed" beneath the ground. I'm also seeing a few bugs/lockups in Oblivion. So far it's not ruining my experience. If anything, it reminds me of playing on a PC, but I wonder if this is just how things are going to be now on these higher end game systems.