Ok, let me start off by saying that I do not condone knocking other languages. I do it - in jest - mainly because I've had to deal with so much in return. I figure if we ColdFusion developers can take it, we can, from time to time, "vent" a bit and deal it back. As it stands, we get our code down in half the time anyway so we have the opportunity to goof off. A few weeks back I held a "You are CF Dude" contest. Jim Leether won that with this beauty:

Today its time to reverse it, go Bizzaro, or however you want to say it. Today's contest is "You are Not CF Dude". As an example...

Submit your best picture (work safe please) and the winner will get another Amazon gift certificate. All languages are open - in fact - if you want to tease ColdFusion a bit, that's fine by me. Just have fun with it.

And again - folks - it is in good fun. I don't hate PHP or any other language. If this contest makes your mad, I suggest backing away from the computer and taking a few deep breathes. It's Friday - have fun!