Cloverfield is...

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Amazing. Simply amazing. I'm going to keep this super short and sweet. Why? Going into the film, I had read next to nothing about it. I knew it was from Lost creator JJ Abrams. I knew it was a "monster" film. But that was it. I avoided any spoilers and I'm very happy I did so.

Cloverfied is a monster film - but much like Lost isn't just a sci fi show, Cloverfield is much, much more. I definitely recommend going out and seeing it - and again - avoid any spoilers.

Two unrelated notes. In front of the film they played the trailer for the new Star Trek film. I had had my doubts about it based on what I've read online, but I'm now totally psyched about it. It is also from J.J. and I think he can do a great job with the material. Also - in the theater itself was a sign for The Happening, Shyamalan's new film. Supposedly it involves a natural catastrophe of some sort. Frankly, there is no possible way it could suck more than Lady in the Water, so hopefully this movie will be an improvement.

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