We've all seen bad ColdFusion code. But what about really bad ColdFusion code? Let's see who can share the worse. Post your scariest experience when looking at (obviously) someone else's code. Try to keep it short and sweet and more descriptive than actual source code. As an example:

I once worked with code written by someone who had never heard of cfinclude. Instead of using the cfinclude tag to insert code into a template, they used cfhttp to perform a HTTP GET and retrieve the result - from the same server.

Just to be clear - this is not to say that ColdFusion generates bad code. Every language has some pretty scary examples written by poor or beginner developers. I'm just adding this as I know that sometimes we (as a community, including myself) can be a bit touchy, especially after seeing posts like this. (By the way, I did post a comment to that blog, but it hasn't been approved yet.)