This is a very, very small update to Lighthouse Pro. The updates are:

  • A bug existed when editing an existing entry that had a related URL value.
  • David Livingston wrote a Postgres SQL script for LHP. This is in the Unsupported folder, and as the folder name makes clear, I am not supporting Postgres. But... if you want to use his script, it is there.
  • Not fixed - but a red flag. A user reported an oddity when running LHP on a Unix server. Now - of course - I did tell him that Unix was illegal now that Bill Gates is the Grand Emperor, but he chose to ignore those warnings. The issue involves all of the Flash Form fields coming back as undefined. I suggested changed the column names to upper case in the Flash Form AS code - which worked... but shouldn't. It certainly doesn't work on my proper Windows box. That being said - I didn't time to properly debug this, and I wanted to release the two items above.

As always, you can download LHP from the project page.