I've been meaning to post a few quick reviews and as I've got nothing to do until I board my plane, I thought I'd take the time and share some.

The Incredible Hulk - I saw this last night with some friends at CFUNITED. While not as good as Iron Man, it was pretty darn good. Yes - the CGI is very fake looking. There is no way you are going to make a 1-ton green monster look real. But - Edward Norton did a great job, the story was well done, and I loved the nods to the old show. Oh - and I won't ruin the spoiler, but the entire movie was made cooler by one line uttered by the Hulk. We should also give credit to the movie company behind Iron Man for letting their actor appear in another company's movie. Both may be Marvel properties, but still, that was pretty cool.

Sex and City - Ok, so this is trash, but I enjoyed the series when it was on TV. The movie was way too long, but if you liked the series, then this simply adds a few more episodes to the run. I'd probably just rent it from Netflix or Blockbuster though.

Kung Fu Panda - Jack Black is the king. This is one of the best kid movies I've seen in a while. I thought the animation style was done well.

The Happening - Absolute, 100%, trash. I've given up on Night. Completely. I've seen better acting in high school. I'd rather push rusty, dull, smelly nails through my eyes, backwards, than watch this film again.

The Invasion - An older one - but I just saw it. Meh. Nicole Kidman is nice to look at, but outside of that, this is just one more remake.