FLEX: I've been involved in the Alpha for a while now, so this wasn't new to me, but I can say it is a very impressive product.

ColdFusion "Blackstone": This is the code name for the next version of ColdFusion. Supposedly the big new feature involves reporting and printing functionality. Also mentioned were "radical" new productivity enhancements and new ways to deply your applications, including source code protection.

Central was shown, and while I'm kinda ho-hum about it in general, AOL announced that there were finally going to allow people to include AOL/ICQ connectivity in their apps. For right now, its only Central applications, but I believe it should be open to other platforms in the future. The engineer I grabbed on the way out said they were going to wait and see how well it did in Central. Hopefully it wont matter. People have been asking for an open connection to AOL/ICQ for years now.

Misc: They didn't show any Breeze today, which I think is a mistake. Breeze really, really, kicks butt. They did say it would be shown tomorrow.

CFC Geeks of a Feather: The CFC Geeks of a Feather meeting is tonight at 6 at the Marriot in the Park City room. If you forget and check the schedule, it may be listed as "MINDSEYE" instead of GOF.