So far my Flex apps have been very simple - a bunch of forms with remoting calls. Flex makes this very easy. I typically end up with just small problems of getting my layout just right, or making the format exactly right, but I honestly feel like I "get" Flex in terms of layout and controls.

In order to go a bit further in my skill set, I now want to figure out how to do the following:

  • On loading the Flex app, pop up a login screen. I know how to do something on load (I did this with my lemonade stand game). I also know that the remoting calls will be simple. Would this be better using states? States is something else I need more experience with.
  • Once logged in, I want my Flex app to work with my CFCs in an authenticated manner. Hopefully I can do this without using roles-based security in my CFCs, but I may start off with that approach to keep it easier.

I'll post as I work on this and share my findings. Hopefully I won't screw it up too badly, but I definitely welcome feedback on the code I end up using.