Can you do Flex "Wrappers" like you can with ColdFusion?

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Today I ran into an interesting issue. I was trying to wrap a component with a "wrapper", like how you can do with ColdFusion:

<cf_layout title="Pirates are people too"> <cf stuff in here> </cf_layout>

My Flex code looked like so:

<views:PageWrapper title="My other car is a Star Destroyer"> <views:soAndSoView /> </views:PageWrapper>

I immediately ran into a runtime, not compile tile, bug:

Multiple sets of visual children have been specified for this component

Turns out this is a known problem with Flex, with a cool workaround. Peter Ent blogged about this almost a full year ago:

Component "Templates" in Flex 2.0

Forgive the simple crosspost here - but I bet I won't be the only ColdFusion developer who runs into this.

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