Cool Errors: Dating Trouble

So - as regular readers of my blog know - I love errors. I love bug hunting. In fact, back when I was on the Spectra team (May it rest in peace…) I used to love dealing with Spectra errors since there were about one million custom tags run on ever request. So today I ran into a bug caused by an intern that I think is just plain awesome. Awesome in that I bet others have made the same mistake.

First - a bit of back story. The piece of logic was some SQL to get a record where a date column had a value from yesterday or today. This was the original query. Can you tell what was wrong with it? As a hint - the error didn’t pop up till today.

<cfquery name="getPic" datasource="#request.element.objectstore.dsn#"> select fullsize, caption, id from mtnphotos where sentviaemail >= #CreateDate(Year(Now()), Month(Now()), Day(Now())-1)# </cfquery> Got it? He was creating a date based on the current year, the current month, and the current day minus one. Today’s day was 1, which meant he was trying to create a date with a day value of 0.

So - I felt pretty smart about myself. I switched to a dateAdd using now() as the value. I also switched to a query param:

<cfset yesterday = dateAdd("d", -1, now())>

<cfquery name=”getPic” datasource=”#request.element.objectstore.dsn#”> select fullsize, caption, id from mtnphotos where sentviaemail >= <cfqueryparam cfsqltype=”cf_sql_date” value=”#yesterday#”> </cfquery> </code>

As I said - I was feeling smart - which of couse meant I had done something stupid. We wanted a value from anytime yesterday on. If go back one day from now, it will be yesterday, at 2:14 PM (the time of this entry). That’s not good. So I switched to making a date object for today, which will include no time since I didn’t specify it:

<cfset today = createDate(year(now()), month(now()), day(now()))> <cfset yesterday = dateAdd("d", -1, today)>

Anyone have a better way? I know SQL Server is pretty powerful - so I’m sure this could have been written with zero ColdFusion. (Minus the CFQUERY of course.)

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