I've attached the Verity presentation to this blog entry. I added entryDAO.cfc to the zip. This is code from the ColdFusion Cookbook that demonstrates "real" use of Verity. You will see two Verity related functions in the CFC. The "calls" to these functions are done in the controller file run by Model-Glue.

For those who met me in the Spry class run by Kelly - I promised some more Spry stuff but I decided to sleep last night instead. ;) I'm planning on:

  • Updating my queryToXML UDF to reside in a CFC that will also include arrayToXML and listToXML. (And shoot, why not structToXML as well.)
  • I've been meaning to write a demo showing how Spry can auto refresh itself at a specific interval. I also plan on showing how you can send content back via Spry, not just read it.
  • If I get time, I'll show an example of how Spry degrades. This does exist in the Spry documentation, but I figure a demo won't hurt, right readers?

So - it is now 2:31 AM. I got a grand total of 4 hours of sleep last night. I woke up at 2 so I could catch a cab at 3 to Reagan for a 6 AM flight. All I can say now is that my brain is definitely running on about half-CPU now. It was awesome to see everyone. CFUNITED really came off well I think, and I hope to see even more people next year. I also want to thank everyone who came up and said hello!

Download attached file.