Friday Puzzler - Getting Bob Fired

Be honest - messing with Bob last week was fun, even if it did take a bit more than 5 minutes to implement. This week its time to crank it up a notch. Jay Ramden, famed ColdFusion blogger and wishlist addict, is running a ColdFusion contest for beginners. Bob wants to participate. Well, he doesn't really know this, but you are going to send in an entry for him. The contest is rather simple. Just a build a form that takes one input and then echoes back the result on submit.

Your goal is to write the most god awful ColdFusion code you can imagine. Take this 5-10 line program and make it 50 lines. Or make it store the form data to Amazon, translate it, store it in hex, mail it to Nigeria, etc, and then spit it out.

YourBob's submission will be something so bad our grandchildren will be talking about it.

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