I've already mentioned this on Twitter and LinkedIn, but this week the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) version of the new book I'm writing with Brian Rinaldi has gone live - The Jamstack Book.

The Jamstack book cover

This book is a much updated version of our earlier book on static site generators. It covers everything from why you would consider Jamstack to when you would not. It shows you multiple different examples of static site generators, from simple blogs to ecommerce sites, and goes into how you move to production and integrate APIs and serverless.

Right now it's in "early access" which means you can buy it now and get updates as the book is updated. There are ten planned chapters with four released now, and I know we've got two more coming soon. Here's the table of contents, subject to change of course:

  • Chapter 1 - Why JamStack?
  • Chapter 2 - Building a Basic Jamstack Site
  • Chapter 3 - Building a Blog
  • Chapter 4 - Building a Documentation Site
  • Chapter 5 - Building an Ecommerce Site with Gatsby
  • Chapter 6 - Deployment
  • Chapter 7 - Adding Dynamic Elements
  • Chapter 8 - Working with Serverless
  • Chapter 9 - Adding a CMS
  • Chapter 10 - Migrating to the Jamstack

You can order the book right now at https://www.manning.com/books/the-jamstack-book

But wait! If you use the super-secret hidden code below, you get it for 50% off the current price.

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Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!

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