Wow. What a difference a year makes. To be honest, last year's keynote wasn't the most exciting I've seen. In fact, I don't remember anything terribly interesting about it. This year was very different. First, they began with a very funny speaker. Comedy is a great way to start things. Then Stephan Elop came on and shocked the heck out of me. Most of his talk was the normal (yawn) biz/dev type stuff. Then he talked about Microsoft. This was one of the coolest things I've heard said at any MAX. Basically, he told MS to "Try Again" (in relation to their new design program). That isn't a joke. That is a direct quote. Dang - that takes guts. Outside of that, there was quite a bit of talk about "Experience", which is a bit wishy washy, but some interesting demos were shown. I've never been much to care about the "design" side of stuff, but since Flash 8, I'm beginning to see the light a bit. Well, I'd say more, but a conference organizer just made me unplug my laptop, so my battery is just about dead. More later.