Ask a Jedi: Problem with CFC Caching

A reader asks:

Simple question for you Raymond. I'm new using cfcs and cfforms. How to do I reinitialize a cfc without having to restart the cf server. I've created a few cfc with database queries and everytime I change the query I have to restart the cf server.

Your question doesn't give enough data, but I will make some guesses. If you are storing your CFCs in a shared scope, then the problem is obvious. You need to build in a way to refresh that data. I blogged about this a few days ago. The other possibility is - when you say your changing the query - do you mean changing the SQL, or changing the database structure? In the past, I have seen strange errors when working with a query that used prepared statements and select *. Lastly - there is a setting in CF Admin, Trust cache, that if turned on, will tell CF to only parse your files once. You do not want to have this activated on a development server as it will prevent your changes from showing up.

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