Ok, so I'm trying real hard to love Thunderbird. In general, it has worked fine. Except for the <a href="http://ray.camdenfamily.com/index.cfm?mode=entry&entry=316695B6-B176-F0A4-56AF22FD93D1AE0F"AV issue I had a few weeks back (which wasn't really Thunderbird's problem), the app has run great. It seems a heck of a lot less bloated than Outlook, and generally just seems to run a lot quicker.

Yesterday something wierd happaned though. I told TBird to check my mail. The app said it was getting email 1 of N. Then it just stopped. No error. Nothing.

Turns out - this is a known issue. Basically, when TBird encounters a message with a bad header - it can't handle it. Now, forgive me for saying, but that just seems stupid. First off - the app should at least say something "Hey buddy, I can't get your email because of a malformed email message." To just silently fail is useless. As for the email itself - if other clients can download the message, TBird should be able to. Maybe it can flag it - since it is certainly spam - but don't just ignore it.

I ended up writing a quick web app to allow me to browse and delete my email. Searching on google, I found that others have had to do the same thing. I wonder how many people simply gave up and installed another mail client?

If anyone knows a better solution than using a web app, let me know. I'm still using TBird, but I hope this is the last of the issues I run into.