In the past, I used to do quite a few "announcement" blog posts (for a shock, take a look at my stats for how many blog posts I did in 2007). With the introduction of Twitter I don't do that nearly as much, but I know there are quite a few of you out there who don't use Twitter and avoid social media in general. Good for you - I honestly wish I could walk away from that sometimes.

That being said, I'm making an exception in this case as it's something I'm really excited about. Folks know I've been a fan of the Eleventy project for some time now. (If you click the "Eleventy" tag at the bottom of my post, you can see my previous articles on it.) Today the team announced the introduction of the 1.0 beta. You can find the details at here: The Very First Eleventy 1.0 Beta Release

In general I shy away from betas as I tend to focus on things that are generally available and in production use. However I get the impression 1.0 is really close (if I had to guess, October 11th ;) so I figure it's a good time to dig into it.

First, be sure to follow that link above as it gives details on how to test the beta and the big changes. The biggest is Eleventy Serverless which I'm still wrapping my head around myself. I'm also very happy to see the template languages being updated as I've hit issues with the older LiquidJS implementation more than once. You can also peruse the list of issues tied to the 1.0 release for details. I've done that and I plan on building a few demos (and posts) for things I think are particularly interesting.

Anyway, that's it! As I said, I plan on digging into this like - well now - and I've got my own ideas for what I want to play with, but if you have a particular question or feature you want to know more about, reach out and I'll make time for it!