Ok, I'll admit it. I'm not afraid to steal a good idea when I see it. Earlier today Charlie Arehart posted his top ColdFusion blog entries for the year. I thought that was a great idea and figured I'd share it as well. Interestingly enough, none of my top ten is ColdFusion-related. They are almost entirely PhoneGap-related (with jQuery Mobile being the other top topic).

Parse.com - dynamic data storage for mobile48134
Example of Autocomplete in jQuery Mobile21844
Example of form validation in a jQuery Mobile Application17225
Downloading files to a PhoneGap application - Part 115654
How I cheated Mozilla's new HTML5 Game14150
Getting URL parameters in a jQuery Mobile page13885
Context Menu Example with jQuery Mobile11775
Converting a dynamic web site to a PhoneGap application9568
PhoneGap RSS Reader - Part 39299
Building a Parse.com Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 59084