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This wasn't technically a 'Ask a Jedi' question but was posted to my forums. The question was - how can we convert numbers into smaller versions? The examples given by the user were:

123,000 to 123K
123,000,000 to 123M
123,000,000,000 to 123B

I checked CFlib of course, and the closest thing I found was ByteConvert. I played around a bit and came up with the following UDF:

<cfscript> function formatKMB(x) { if(x < 1000) return x; if(x >= 1000 && x < 1000000) { x = x/1000; x = round(x); return x & "K"; } if(x >= 1000000 && x < 1000000000) { x = x/1000000; x = round(x); return x & "M"; } if(x >= 1000000000 && x < 1000000000000) { x = x/1000000000; x = round(x); return x & "B"; } return x; } </cfscript>

It's probably a bit more verbose then it needs to be but it handles numbers in the thousands (Ks), millions (Ms), and billions (Bs). I wrote up a quick test to see if it worked:

<cfset tests = "900,1002,1932,123000,432000,1000000,92000000,102000000000,2321903211"> <cfloop index="t" list="#tests#"> <cfoutput> #t#=#formatKMB(t)#<br /> </cfoutput> </cfloop>

I'll post this to CFLib a bit later. First I'm going to remove the CF8 stuff (<, >) so it will work CF5 and higher.

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