I'm about to head out of the office so before I do that, a few quick notices about some updates.

pdfUtils was updated to support writeXMP. This was added by Edward Griffiths who had previously added the readXMP support. For folks who don't know what XMP is - it's a pretty cool meta-tagging system for PDF files.

ColdFire had a minor update to support Firefox 3.0.1.

BlogCFC 5.9.1 is checked into SVN. This release isn't 100% ready for folks yet which is why it's in SVN and not published. I need to update the docs and the database scripts. But if you want to test, please grab it. This release includes bug fixes and new features like podcasting support (thanks Brian Meloche!), comment subscription (without having to write a comment), and the ability to kill comment spam directly from email.

And finally, I went ahead and published my Vimeo code to RIAForge: http://vimeocfc.riaforge.org