My 2011 Resolutions

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In no particular order, this is what I'm hoping to accomplish in the next twelve months...

  • Finish Couch to 5K. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through it (week 6), and it's been rough but I should be able to finish it soon. I'll be repeating week 6 next week but I should be at week 9 in February. Then the plan is to just keep it up through the rest of the year. I don't want to be a great runner or anything like that. But if I can hit 30 minutes of jogging 3 times a week I'll be happy.
  • I want to get rid of the gut. I don't need a washboard stomach. I don't need a 6 pack. But I'm tired of the beer belly. I'm thinking of adding both sit ups and push ups to my weekly routine. Again - the idea isn't to bulk up per se but to just get a bit slimmer in my stomach. Any suggestions?
  • I'm proud of the presentations I did this year. Many of them were outside my comfort zone (some way outside). I want to continue that this year. In fact, my next presentation (to our local Adobe User Group) is on HTML5. I'm also hoping on getting a chance to present at a non-ColdFusion conference. I'm thinking specifically of a jQuery based one.
  • I'm going to learn Python. Why? I don't have any great need for it. But a while back I received a book on Python (Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python) that focuses on teaching the language to kids. It uses games for most of the projects and as I love writing my own computer games, I think this will be a fine language to take on.
  • Finish BlogCFC 6. Ok, you can stop laughing now. Have you seen the new look yet?
  • Finish DD. DD is a game for the Blackberry Playbook I'm writing with my son. I'm using the new Flex SDK "Hero" and "Burrito" to build it while my son does art work.
  • Finish Game2. I created Game1 over two years ago. Game2 has been germinating in my head since then.
  • Go hiking. I've been wanting to try hiking - shoot - let's not even make it that formal. I've been wanting to take simple walks in the woods - for a while now. A friend of mine gave me a book on trails in Louisiana so now I have no excuse.

And that's it. I was trying to come up with more when I realized that I should probably keep it short and achievable. Wish me luck!

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