I saw Prometheus last night. It was cool. Stop reading now if you haven't seen it. Seriously - this is your last warning...

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie, and some of the shots on the large screen made me so happy I was seeing it in a theater. I loved how the show began. In ways, it reminded me of Green Lantern. I know that show wasn't liked by most folks, but I liked how it began in a very alien, sci-fi manner. Ditto for Prometheus. The opening was confusing, alien, and just off-putting. I loved it.

Now - while I liked the film - here are some things I felt were a bit off.

One - why in the hell would David do an experiment on the scientist? I mean - I get that the Company (Weyland) has long been shown to be uncaring, cruel, etc. Fine. But it seems incredibly random and dangerous to just drop some black goo into a human and see what happens, especially while your millions of miles away from home. Sure, as an android he may not have much to fear, but I don't see why he wouldn't have just kept the 'jug' in storage until the return.

Two - the guy who went crazy. That seemed odd and out of place. It seemed clear to me that the main mode of attack for these creatures was to burrow into the body and gestate. But for this one guy it made him super strong and homicidal. Why?

Three - not a nit pick, but I loved the Engineers. I loved the design of their ship. I loved the user interface for the ship. I especially loved that they were incomprehensible, uncaring, evil bastards. Evil may not even make sense. Perhaps to them we were nothing more than defective robots. But I just love that we got no real clear answers from them on why they wanted to destroy us. It felt cruel... and perfect.

Finally - the last scene was amazing. I loved the 'proto-Alien' creature. The movies have shown that the creatures were adaptable based on their host, so this may actually have been the 'final' evolution of them. But it was just amazing. I was perfectly happy with all the more subtle connections to the Alien series. To be honest, I didn't need this scene to be satisfied with the film. That being said though I was on the edge of my seat once I realized what was happening.

So, what did you guys think?