1. rss.cfm now looks for additional url parameters - basically the same as index.cfm. The feed can now be filtered by category, so if you want, you can syndicate just my ColdFusion content, and nothing else.

  2. getEntries returns two new cols: categoryIDs and CategoryNames. These are both lists where the Nth ID matches the Nth name.

  3. Index.cfm updated to show categories and pass filtering information to rss.cfm.

I'm not entirely happy with the code in getEntries. It seems to me that there should be an easier way to do this:

Table A has records. Table B has records. Table C is a table that defines relationships between A and B. I want to select from A and set a value, "B", which represnts all the records in C where C.A_ID = A.ID. I know it can be done with a stored procedure, but I'm surprised there isn't a way to do this in simple SQL. Something like:

select id, name, categoryNames as (select ....),