Ok, so this will be a pretty short post, and the main gist is, "It works as advertised", but I had not had a chance to actually test this until recently and I was pretty darn impressed with how smoothly it worked so I thought I'd share.

If you use Ionic, you know that they update pretty frequently, and you may want to update your project to the latest framework bits. Turns out there is an incredibly easy way to do this. Just go into your Ionic project and run ionic lib:


It reports on the version of Ionic used in a project versus the latest release. Then to update, you do ionic lib update:


Confirm you want to do the update, and then just stand back. The CLI will grab the bits and take care of everything. I'd kill for this within other projects. Just for completeness sake, this is what you get when the library you're testing is already up to date.