Lighthouse Pro Update

This post is more than 2 years old.

This update has some nice updates, but since I forgot to change the version number, it is still 2.0 (grin). What is new?

  • Support for keyword filtering of issues.
  • Syntax error fix in project loci edit.
  • When doing stats for a project, we only show loci that apply to the project.
  • Issue View - When editing a new issue, the header wasn't right. Also URL encode attachments. Default bug owner to current user when creating a new issue.
  • Allow usernames with dots in them.

Last but not least - Robert Everland III has added a modified version of LHP. This may be found in the unsupported folder. It is a bit behind this zip, but offers support for MX 6.1 and Oracle.

As always, you can find the download at the project page and my wishlist is available for those who want to show their support. (Wow, where did all those XBox 360 items come from??)

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