Ask a Jedi: Having CFCHART Links in a new window

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Dez asks:

I have a chart that I want to link to another application in order to drill down further. Do you know how to setup the links within a chart to open into a new window.

Turns out this is rather trivial, and even explained in the docs. CFCHART takes a URL attribute. You can supply a URL to hit along with 3 custom variables: $ITEMLABEL$, $SERIESLABEL$, and $VALUE$. When clicked, the code will translate these three variables based on where you click. What you may not realize is that you can easily use a JavaScript URL:

<cfchart url="javascript:newWin('$ITEMLABEL$','$SERIESLABEL$','$VALUE$')">

In this example, each click will result in a call to newWin, passing the values along:

<script> function newWin(itemlabel,serieslabel,value) { alert(itemlabel + ' ' + serieslabel + ' ' + value); } </script>

In my sample above I just alerted the values, but you could easily open a new window. Or use one of the new ColdFusion 8 Ajax features to load detailed information inside a cfdiv.

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