So for the last 2 weeks or so, I've had some slight pain in my left arm. Normally it only hurt when I would move it like a chicken flapping its wing. Since I don't usually do that - I wasn't so concerned, Yesterday, however, the pain began to spread throughout my entire arm and neck, even when I was standing still. (Something I do quite well.)

After whining about it a bit too much, my wife suggested I go through emergency and have it checked out. To be honest, I was a bit embarrassed, but the pain was getting pretty bad so I figured it was worth the 100 dollar copay. (Thank you UHC for raising your rates.)

A good four hours later I finally got to see the doctor and get diagnosed. Turns out I have a strained rotator cuff. This was the first I've ever heard of a rotator cuff. I would have guessed that was an airplane or car part before I would have thought it was in me.

So I'm in a sling now - and of course it is my left arm. I'm discovering just how bad I write with my right hand. At least I'm on some nice drugs though. In the last thirty minutes the pain has left and I've got warm fuzies all over now.