In my blog post yesterday I talked about database synchronization and PhoneGap. One thing I didn't mention was that almost all of my code runs just fine in the desktop. The only thing that didn't work was the network check. While I worked on this demo, I found Chrome Dev Tools to be incredibly helpful. Did you know that it includes a way to see what databases are in use at a website?

Open up your Dev Tools and click the Resources panel. If the site uses any databases, you will see them listed here.

You can expand the database and look at the tables. Clicking on a table will list all the data available.

Currently there isn't a way to introspect the table structure or write arbitrary SQL. It should be possible to do SQL via the console. Oops, I was wrong. Down in the comments below Marcin pointed out that if you click the table, you get a console that allows for arbitrary SQL. That's fraking cool!