One more small bug fix for BlogCFC. A while ago I added logic to make the Application name dynamic based on the physical folder. This helps folks who want to run N blogs on one box without modifying the blog name. So - I went through the trouble of creating the dynamic name using this logic:

<cfset prefix = getCurrentTemplatePath()>
<cfset prefix = reReplace(prefix,"[^a-zA-Z]","","all")>
<cfset prefix = right(prefix, 64 - len("_blog_#blogname#"))>

The only thing interesting here is line 3. ColdFusion requires your application names to be less than 64 characters long. So I take the default name's length and subtract that from 64, and use the right most remainder of the prefix name.

So I did all of that - and forgot to actually add it to my application name:

<cfapplication name="#prefix#_blog_#blogname#" sessionManagement=true loginStorage="session">

The download zip has been updated.