Ask a Jedi: Current User Error with Admin API

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Talk about timing. I decided to hit up a few old Ask a Jedi questions and came across this:

I'm working with the CFMX 7 Admin API. When trying to invoke the 'getJvmProperty()' method, I receive an error stating 'Current user is not authorized to invoke this method.'

I am instantiating the admin.cfc and the runtime.cfc in the request scope. I am also using the request.adminObj.login() method to login to the Administrator. When I invoke the inherited method 'isAdminUser()' from the runtime object, the response is TRUE.

I am slightly confused here.

Today Macromedia (um, sorry, Adobe) released a tech note that I believe answers this exact question:

Error "Current user is not authorized to invoke this method" occurs when using the ColdFusion MX 7 Admin API

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