Happy DST Day! Or is it DST Ends day? Who knows. (And I'm not motivated enough to look it up.) This week I'll be heading to Connect.Tech, one of my absolute favorite conferences. I always see a few good friends there and the content itself is incredibly well done. This is my second to last conference of the year so I'm going to do my best to get the most out of it. If you read this blog and will be attending, be sure to come tell me hi! Alright, let me get started with what I want to share this week.

Mastodon Intro #

This past week has been quite tumultuous for Twitter. Those who know why don't need to me to explain it and those who have no idea are probably better for it. This week has seen a lot of people giving Mastodon a try and while it's a pretty cool system, it's also really different in important ways.

Luckily, Dr. Axel has written up an incredibly useful post for folks who want to give it a try and I absolutely recommend giving it a read: Getting started with Mastodon

If you've never encountered Dr. Axel before, than I strongly suggest bookmarking his blog. When it comes to web development, he writes some of the most in-depth articles around. I'll admit that sometimes his writing is a bit too high level for me (and that's my fault, not his), but his Mastodon article is easy reading and will be a huge help for folks who are looking forward to tooting with the rest of us nerds. (Yes, tooting.)

If you want to follow me, you can find my profile here: https://mastodon.social/@raymondcamden

More WebC Information #

I've only begun playing with WebC, Eleventy's web component feature, but it's beginning to look like an incredibly powerful addition to the Eleventy platform. The last time I did a "Links For You" post I shared links to the docs and a presentation by Zach, today I want to share two really good links on the subject, both on the excellent 11ty Rocks site.

As I mentioned in my own post on the topic, I struggled a bit with the core 11ty docs on the subject, so these two posts were really useful. (And on that, there have been updates to the core 11ty docs lately that help clear things up!)

Bardcore - The Music Genre You Didn't Know You Needed #

I discovered this a few weeks ago, but apparently people are making medieval covers of modern songs under the genre name of Bardcore. You can read more about it here: People are Making Amazing Medieval Style Covers of Pop Songs and Calling It Bardcore

I love this. I've got a thing for covers and mashups in general, but this is just really freaking cool to me. It reminds me of (spoiler for West World Season 1) the covers used in West World. I didn't realize they were doing it until I noticed that the song being played in the saloon sounded awfully familiar.

If you would like a sample, check out the tune below. It's beautiful.