So this is about as off topic as you can get, but I had to share. My wife sent the following article to me that I thought others may want to read as well: Korea Slowly Closes to Adoption (I'm linking to the plain print format as it doesn't require a login.)

I've mentioned adoption more than once here, but in case it isn't really well known, my kids are all adopted, and all adopted from South Korea. My family is - in my mind anyway - a South Korean/American family. A mix. I love that. I love that my kids don't look the same as my wife and I. I love that we are unique. But now I kind of feel like our type of family is coming to an end. Rationally, I can look at these changes as Koreans taking care of their own, which is good I suppose, but it feels like my entire type of family is coming to an end.

I don't know how others feel about this - native Koreans, adoptees, etc. But I'm truly saddened by this, and feel pretty blessed that I was able to help create the family I have now. I hope South Korea can place all those children waiting for families.

I don't expect much comment on this - just wanted to share and hopefully give folks something to think about. I promise an on topic post next.